The Formosa story

How it all started

Formosa Orchids Brisbane is a natural outgrowth of one of today's most successful orchid nurseries: Formosa Orchids in Taiwan. Based in Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Formosa Orchids is a family owned and operated orchid nursery that was founded in 1995. Through honed craftsmanship, we provide the finest orchids to all who wish to share in the beauty of nature's most evolved floral gift. The Formosa nursery is a sophisticated, modern producer of premier healthy orchid plants in bloom, or in the process of blooming. Through 25 years of experience in orchid plant culture and stringent quality control, Formosa has achieved bountiful displays of flowers in a wide range of gorgeous colours. This is brought about by careful management of our greenhouse environment.


Experience passed through the generations

Formosa are an Australian family-owned business, with owner Nathan Wang and his family. The focus of Nathan and his family is on growing orchids in partnership with suppliers from Taiwan, to bring the beauty of orchids to you.

Through 25 years of cultivation experience in the most modern production facilities, there has been a continuous drive to innovate. Creativity in our cultivation approach, in choice of varieties and attention to every detail, ensures each orchid is more beautiful than the last. Essential to this is the family knowledge of the growth stages of the orchid in its natural habitat and honed craftsmanship. We give orchids the care, time, and space to develop perfectly. With attention given to every stage of growth, every detail, every facet.

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