Perfect for lighting up your home, or as a joyful gift, the white orchid is the right fit. Classy and chic, this orchid has an elegant single stem and bright white flowers. Typically, your Phalaenopsis orchid will bloom for around 3 months each year. You will likely find some blooms already on your orchid upon delivery. These will then open up further in a warm indoor setting.

  • 200mm Phalaenopsis Orchids
  • Arrives in a Brass / Gold round metal pot
  • Measures 23 x 20cm H
  • Brilliant white flowers

The story of your orchid

Your new orchid is known as a Phalaenopsis orchid. They are monopodial, which means they have a single upright stem with leaves arranged opposite each other along the stem. The flower stem will appear from the base of the uppermost leaves. It has been receiving high levels of attention and care for 70 weeks at the Formosa nursery before coming to your home.

In your home, you will find that your orchid loves bright indirect light with temperatures between 18 degrees – 24 degrees Celsius, and humidity levels between 50-70%. You will receive your orchid while it is blooming. Generally, the bloom of a phalaenopsis orchid will last for several months before the flower wilts and falls off. This whole lifecycle lasts between 9 to 14 months.

Once the cycle has ended this isn’t the end of your orchid. With a little love and care, you can look forward to it reblooming this time every year.

Locally grown and loved

Core to our values as a nursery is craftsmanship. Utilising 25 years of experience in nurturing and growing Phalaenopsis orchids, Formosa strives for perfection in everything. Each orchid receives best-in-class care and attention at the Brisbane Formosa nursery. Here, Formosa's orchids are nurtured with a cocktail of optimal care, undivided attention, and nurturing for around 70 weeks on average. That is the sort of labour you can only find at a local family-owned business. The results are immediately obvious when you bring home an orchid from the collection to enjoy.

How to care for your orchids